Sigep 2020 is the most sought-after fair par excellence. Getting to its 41th edition, this fair is well-known worldwide and is an undisputed leader in the fields of artisan ice-cream bar, pastry, artisan bakery and coffee. It is exclusively dedicated to professional operators from all over the world. This big and famous exhibition anticipates trends and innovations of the 4 supply chains concerning raw materials, ingredients, equipment, furnishing and services. It represents a rich show of competitions which rewards the world excellences. Furthermore it develops the international networking and makes increase business.


…Why taking part in the fair. Here there are 5 valid reasons:

  • It represents the appointment Number 1 concerning the launch of trends, formats of public spaces and competitions of worldwide excellence;
  • It is the channel which is most desired by the companies in the sector;
  • It is a highly recommended meeting to display innovations;
  • It is the center of the meetings of all components of the supply chain industries;
  • It attracts the big investors of other fields.